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Dear partners 

Our company guarantees the best product quality and a positive experience for customers. We strive to save buyer time by ensuring availability, short production time, and fast delivery. We create comfortable conditions for visitors at all retail points of sale, promptly handle all installations, and are extremely responsible in our work.

Hodoor World LTD is interested in its new business partners and pursues long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation. We appreciate our suppliers, thanks to the work with which we develop a constantly updated assortment and a consistently high-quality standard of the products offered to our customers.

If you specialize in the sale of automotive equipment and accessories, and you are interested in a long-term partnership on mutually beneficial terms, if you are looking for dealers willing to sell your products, then Hodor LLC is ready to offer you its services. For this we have all the necessary resources:

  • Online store www.hodoor.world
  • Point of sales and issuance of goods
  • We sell goods both wholesale and retail
  • A team of professionals who will ensure the proper promotion of your product

In terms of long-term contracts, our company works with more than fifty suppliers, which include both domestic and foreign manufacturers and distributors. Our company is committed to the harmonious development of business, relying in its work on mutually beneficial cooperation with partners, the introduction of advanced technologies, and international experience in the organization of retail trade.

Our relationship with suppliers is based on the requirements for the quality of the products offered, ethics of business relationships, and contractual obligations. We constantly strive to develop our relationship with suppliers, creating and strengthening partnerships. We have been cooperating with many of our suppliers for many years and are always open to new commercial proposals that can be sent to our commercial department.


Dear Suppliers, 

If you are interested in cooperation with our company for the supply of automotive goods, we suggest that you contact us and check the terms of cooperation, the main criteria for selecting suppliers, and the terms of standard supply contracts. Our Company works with partners who are set up for long-term cooperation, are able to provide stable deliveries and favorable prices for our customers.

If you are interested in cooperation please email us:

Prefer a personal conversation? Then you can come to one of our offices located in England, France, Germany, USA, Switzerland, and Russia.